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Since its market launch in 2009, the World-Traveladapter developed by Flink has established itself as a multi-million seller and continues to be a benchmark in its category. Our team of experienced designers, engineers, and production experts enthusiastically embraced this challenging development and production task.

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Flink is developing and producing challenging and outstanding products since 2004.

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We focus on developments that demand highest standards in design, functionality, and ergonomics. Our goal is to create compelling solutions that set benchmarks.

The development of high-quality products typically begins with simple pencil sketches on paper. Through close dialogue between designers and engineers, ideas and approaches for the structure, design, organization, and functionality of our products evolve.

The travel adapter is a prime example of this approach. Our teams are tasked with solving a complex 3D puzzle made up of over 60 mostly movable parts. The challenge involves more than just optimizing function, design, and ergonomics; it also encompasses adapting production processes and adhering strictly to country-specific standards and safety regulations.

For mass products like the travel adapter, a thorough engagement with industrialization and optimization is crucial. Close collaboration with the specialists at SKROSS and direct involvement at the production sites give our engineers and designers a deeper understanding of assembly and production processes. This enables further optimization loops to be run, ensuring an efficient and worry-free mass production.


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