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As the global leader in powder coating solutions, Gema has been relying on Flink’s expertise in design development for its top-tier products since 2009. This is particularly evident in the development of the hand pistol – a project that presents exciting challenges in sketching and freeform modelling for our designers and engineers.

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Flink is developing and producing challenging and outstanding products since 2004.

We look forward to our cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With paper and markers, we dive into the world of high voltage and fine plastic powder, which is baked in large ovens into durable surfaces. After a brief introduction by Gema’s engineers, our sketching odyssey begins. Numerous designs are discussed, dissected, developed further, and reconsidered.

Moving to CAD allows for more precise consideration of volumes and wall thicknesses, as well as the creation of freeform surfaces.

In designing the compact hand pistol, there is much to consider – from safety regulations and ideally balanced weight distribution to easy cleaning. All these factors make the powder coating pistol a highly interesting project for our designers and engineers.



Together with GEMA, we define the world of powder coating, from control units and hand pistols to work trolleys. We have already iterated through two generations of these products and look forward to setting standards in the future as well.

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