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B.Body Evo is a high-quality medical device developed by Flink designers in collaboration with designers and health specialists from Bemer. It offers highly flexible coil technology and a soft foam core that relaxes the body during daily 2 x 8 minutes of BEMER treatment. B.Body Evo can be used on couches, armchairs, or beds. Professionals and athletes use B.Body Evo for regeneration and full-body treatment.

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Flink is developing and producing challenging and outstanding products since 2004.

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Flink develops and produces for various customers in the medical and healthcare sectors.

Flink has optimized the structure and construction of B.Body Evo to ensure maximum comfort and a pleasant lying feeling. Designers and production specialists work closely together to evaluate suitable materials, test and optimize patterns - first in the in-house workshop and later in the sample room.

The result is a lightly flexible mat that can be used on the floor or on the sofa. The elegant Alcantara-like surface is easy to wipe clean and is sewn into a stylish mat in a sophisticated process.


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