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holistic experience

Flink is your trusted Swiss partner for developing and producing high-quality, function-driven products in the fields of medicine, industry, and leisure. Our comprehensive service covers everything from conception to series production.

Our successful product developments combine attractive design, thoughtful functionality, and cost-optimized manufacturing. The interdisciplinary development team at FLINK, made up of engineers, designers, and production specialists, ensures that important aspects such as handling, ergonomics, and cost development are holistically considered.

Design engineering production

As your reliable partner for customized development and production solutions, Flink has extensive experience in design, engineering, product management, and production. We are ISO 13485-Medical/ISO 9001 certified and continuously optimize our processes to offer high-quality products and excellent service to our customers.

Process and Project Management

Flink doesn't just come up with ideas and visions - we bring mass-produced products to market. Our designers and engineers guide projects from the first idea to series production, acquiring valuable production know-how and experience along the way, which also flows into your projects.

Product development and production

Flink brings challenging projects to life with high efficiency, agility, and flexibility to meet customer requirements. Our team has accumulated a wide range of knowledge and experience over the years. We undertake and support development and production projects and work alongside your team where we can be most effective.

Your Partner for Challenging Projects

The developers at Flink boast 20 years of experience in developing and producing complex projects, confidently navigating various markets from medical devices to heavy-duty industrial tools.

Experience and Knowledge from Over 150 Projects

Discover more of our curated projects by following the link below.

Gladly good

At Flink, we put our all into every project to ensure that you and your customers can reap the maximum benefits. It brings us great pride when products we've been involved in developing become bestsellers, prove to be reliable companions, or win awards for innovation, outstanding design, and engineering achievements.

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Flink is developing and producing challenging and outstanding products since 2004.

We look forward to our cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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