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The electrofusion welding equipment impresses with its lightweight and flexibility in application. Together with Grossenbacher AG and the specialists from Geberit, we are developing the compact construction site equipment - a clever hybrid that combines textile components with functional housing and electronics to form a robust tool.

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Seit 2004 entwickelt und produziert Flink herausfordernde und herausragende Produkte.
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We meet the challenges of demanding construction sites head-on by combining various technologies. Our solutions feature a textile outer layer and a plastic inner housing that absorb impacts and protect delicate electronics. This structure also provides an organized system for easy cable and accessory management. Our team of developers and production specialists work closely together to ensure a successful and efficient serial production. We evaluate suitable materials, oversee the textile implementation, and optimize the plastic components in collaboration with the molding department.

Innovative hybrid for demanding construction sites

Challenging electronics

Flink develops high-quality, innovative electronic solutions for a variety of industries

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