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The Remote Display integrates a compact 1.3-inch screen into your E-Bike's control unit, displaying important ride data such as location, speed, distance travelled, and battery life all in one place. The controls are conveniently positioned on the handlebars, allowing you to adjust settings without having to take your hand off the grip. Our expert team, including Fit-Ebike specialists, market experts, designers, mechanical and electronic engineers, and production managers, worked together to develop this must-have accessory for E-Bike riders.

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Seit 2004 entwickelt und produziert Flink herausfordernde und herausragende Produkte.
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FIT-Ebike control units are used in harsh environmental conditions. To achieve maximum reliability and durability, we develop the housing according to IP68 standards. However, achieving waterproofness presents a great challenge when designing a small and inconspicuous display frame. The more inconspicuous the frame, the smaller the available adhesive/sealing surface. In collaboration with FIT-Ebike, Flink develops and tests various installation options and processes, accompanying the entire product from the initial design concept through industrialization to the acceptance of the final product.

1 Display, 6 Buttons, and Waterproof

Challenging electronics

Flink develops high-quality, innovative electronic solutions for a variety of industries

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