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FIT-Ebike's board computer controls the various levels of assistance on E-bikes. Together with the specialists at FIT-Ebike, we develop, design, and construct the compact control unit, solving ergonomic, technical, and manufacturing-specific requirements. Our interdisciplinary approach involves market experts, designers, mechanical and electronics engineers, and final producers, ensuring a seamless collaboration throughout the design and industrialization process.

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Flinke Lösungen

Seit 2004 entwickelt und produziert Flink herausfordernde und herausragende Produkte.
Wir freuen uns auf unsere Zusammenarbeit - Zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

6 buttons, 4 design principles, 1 tactile sensation. Achieving consistent tactile feedback across all buttons on the board computer requires precise calibration. Various parameters are optimized, with the selection of appropriate electronic components forming the foundation and mechanics providing the finishing touches.
But that's not all. The buttons on the waterproof and extremely compact housing are also illuminated. The implementation of the joystick mechanism, which serves as a illuminated 3-dimensional input element in the smallest space available, was particularly challenging.
At Flink, we thrive on such demanding tasks.

Mastering Haptic Feedback: Designing Consistent Touch Controls

Challenging electronics

Flink develops high-quality, innovative electronic solutions for a variety of industries

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