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High-performance racehorses often suffer from injuries, wear and tear, and pain. The slender foot structure is particularly susceptible to strain. In collaboration with Bemer, Flink has developed functional horse cuffs that specifically increase microcirculation in the hoof and fetlock, promoting metabolic processes in strained tissue and supporting regeneration and healing.

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Seit 2004 entwickelt und produziert Flink herausfordernde und herausragende Produkte.
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The requirement catalog for horse cuffs is extensive and demanding: quick and easy to put on, breathable, sturdy, washable inner lining, and a flexible fit for both small ponies and large racehorses. The Flink development team works closely with the horse specialists at Bemer to find the perfect horse cuff shape. In-house produced patterns allow for efficient evaluation and definition, while more complex patterns are manufactured at the Flink production facility. To meet the tight schedule and accelerate industrialization, our designers traveled directly to the Asian production site to clarify all details with the seamstresses in the sample room.

Horse Cuffs with Flexible Fit - Developed by the Bemer-Flink Team

Products for Horses

Flink has been developing and producing high-quality sports and therapy products for horses since 2014.

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