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Bemer is taking the development of their horse blankets to the next level following the successful launch of the 2nd generation. As the therapy and regeneration blanket is frequently used by racehorse owners with larger horses, more coils are necessary. However, to ensure smaller ponies are not excluded, a more variable size adjustment has been developed. This presents an exciting challenge for the for the Bemer-Flink-development team.

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Horse Blanket _ Vet3.0

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The market demands enhanced coverage of muscle groups with additional coils. Flink, together with horse specialists from Bemer/Schockemöhle, is developing the next generation of successful sport and therapy blankets. Bemer's graphic and CI department contributes to the striking color scheme with high recognition value.
The Flink team designs, sews, tests, optimizes, and evaluates proposals together with product managers and horse specialists. The resulting solution impresses with its optimal fit, easy size adjustment, and suitability for ponies and draft horses alike. As part of the industrialization and launch of the series, the Flink production team works closely with the development team to perfect every detail.

Next Generation Sport and Therapy Blanket for Horses

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Flink has been developing and producing high-quality sports and therapy products for horses since 2014.

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