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The BEMER B.Pad Evo is ideal for targeted and localized therapy. Developed in collaboration with health specialists and designers from Bemer, Flink has created a practical and flexible wearable. Essentially, it is a flexible sling with highly flexible coils that can be wrapped around the leg or another body part, allowing the Bemer signal to act precisely.

/ Bemer Int AG

B.Pad Evo

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Our experts in design, engineering, and development have optimized the B.Pad Evo, an innovative wearable product, from the ground up. Every component has been perfected down to the smallest detail, from the highly flexible coil technology to the cleanly integrated cable output and the most suitable Velcro closure. This iterative process involved a variety of patterns and initially took place in our in-house studio in Chur. Once the product reached a certain level of maturity, the final materials were used in the sample room of our production facilities.

Optimized Wearable Product


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