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The Bemer applicator family has been developed specifically for targeted local treatment and therapy. Application is simple - either hold B.Spot and B.Light in your hand or place them on the body part to be treated using the clip-on fastening band.
Bemer's health specialists and designers conceptualize the applications and hand over the product and design vision to Flink's designers and engineers for detailed implementation.

/ Bemer Int AG

B.Grip / B.Spot / B.Light Evo

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Seit 2004 entwickelt und produziert Flink herausfordernde und herausragende Produkte.
Wir freuen uns auf unsere Zusammenarbeit - Zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren.

Working closely with Bemer's product managers and designers, Flink manufactures over 30 components. The initial concept is refined together, detailed in CAD, and tested using 3D prints and milled prototypes.

As part of the industrialization process, the components are finalized for tooling and perfected in collaboration with toolmakers and injection molders. We continuously optimize our products and work tirelessly to find the best solutions for our customers.

Working Together to Deliver High-Quality Products


Flink develops and produces for various customers in the medical and healthcare sectors.

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