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Healthy sleeping becomes even easier with the B.Bed Evo. The BEMER therapy device increases the contraction frequency of small and very small pre-capillary arterial blood vessels (<100 μm), resulting in improved blood distribution in the capillary network of the microcirculation. This accelerates detoxification and regeneration of the body. The B.Bed Evo was developed in close collaboration between the designers at Bemer and Flink, utilizing innovative coil and jacquard technology to create an especially flexible and breathable inlay.

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B.Bed Evo

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The B.Bed Evo presents a challenging task for both Flink development and Flink production. The development of the inlet requires a careful balance of materials and design to ensure maximum comfort and an appealing appearance. The production process demands special care and attention to detail to ensure the customer receives a flawless end product. Each step of the production process, from fabric production to cutting, printing, and sewing, requires the highest level of precision to keep the product clean and protected.

Challenges in the Production of B.Bed Evo - Careful Material and Design Coordination


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